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Rentals in Lainappi are now insured!

What better way to start Lainappi’s blog than by sharing a publication about a frequently asked feature in our service, insurance. Already in the very first steps on our startup journey, insurance was a big topic of conversation for both the founders of Lainappi and first testers. We contacted several insurance companies in the early stages, but no positive response was given to our startup, which was still considered to be in the “idea stage.” Here we are now: our service has an integrated insurance. We also share matching values with the insurance provider, Omocom, ​​and just like Lainappi aim to keep current items in use.

Almost every time when talking about renting someone's own items to another person, the first thing that comes to mind is, "What if something happens to my item or it's stolen?" We advised users to take a look at the coverage of their home insurance, told that we have access to some details of the rentals completed through Lainappi and that people treat someone else’s items better than their own. The aforementioned are all true too, but nothing is comparable to when a rental is insured by an insurance company for damage and theft.

What does the insurance cover?

  • Damage, theft and loss that occur during the rental period

  • The insurance is valid for the rental period, but not more than 90 days

  • Valid in the Nordic countries

  • Covers up to €3000

What does the insurance not include?

  • Ordinary wear and tear or scratches that do not affect the usability of the item(s)

  • Intentional damage

  • If the item(s) are damaged before the start of the rental period.

  • Categories not included: caravans and motor homes, motor boats, sailboats, motor vehicles (including electric cars), jet skis and all prohibited items mentioned in the terms of use

More information about the insurance and detailed insurance terms may be found at

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