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Rental agreement template

Either the renter or the owner may request the use of a rental agreement. A rental agreement is not mandatory when renting through Lainappi, the user(s) decide themselves whether they want to sign a rental agreement. Lainappi recommends that user(s) utilize the rental template to avoid possible problems when renting. If you are unable to print the agreement or otherwise use Lainappi's rental agreement, you can also create a similar agreement yourself. The most important thing is that the agreement is signed by both parties.

You may find more information about the rental agreement template in our terms & conditions

Check your home insurance
If you do not feel the need, or want to use the rental agreement template provided by Lainappi, we recommend that you take a look at your home insurance or other relevant insurances. Some insurance companies may cover damage that has occurred during the rental. If you are not sure if your insurance company covers this, please contact your insurance company.

When you act as an owner you may be covered by home insurance. When you act as a renter your home insurance may cover any damage that occurred during the rental. However, it is important to acknowledge that this may vary depending on the insurance provider. In addition, possible age reductions to items should be taken into account.