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Rental protection service

In Lainappi, items are covered by rental protection
Lainappi Oy offers a rental protection service that enables short-term protection, for items that are rented within the platform. Lainappi aims to increase the use of existing resources for a more sustainable future. Lainappi's main task is to keep the customers' items in use, even if they are damaged during the rental period. 

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Summary of rental protection​​​​​​​

Includes property that cannot be replaced with a deductible and applies to compensation for sudden or unexpected damages. Compensation for rental insurance is considered on a case-by-case basis, however, the maximum compensation is limited to 300 euros.
All vehicles registe
red for road traffic and e-vehicles, including trailers and trailers, are not covered by rental insurance. Theft or damage must be reported to Lainappi within 30 days.

  • Deductible: compensation with deductible occurs with other insurance cover when the product is damaged, lost or stolen.For example, high with home insurance up to 300 euros per case.

  • You cannot receive compensation from both full and deductible insurance for one damage that occurred.


Rent protection does not replace

  • Scratches and wear that do not affect the usability of the product.

  • Rental of vehicles, aircraft, guns or gun parts, jewellery, watches, live animals, tobacco, alcohol, cash or securities

  • Damages that were known before the rental or at the beginning of the rental

  • Rentals of caravans, motorhomes, jet skis, trucks (weight over 3500kg). Check out the terms and conditionsfrom here.

  • The rental is not carried out in Lainap or the terms of use of Lainap have been violated


Rental protection restrictions

  • Rental protection covers accidents that have occurred during the rental period.

  • Rental protection covers the rented property, including its accessories, up to a certain amount.

  • Rental protection must be reported to Lainappi within 30 days of the end of the rental

  • Rental protection is only valid in Finland.

You can read the exact conditions of rental insurance FROM HERE

If the item you rent gets damaged or stolen ​​​​​​​
In the unfortunate situation, if something happens during the rental to your items, you can easily file a claim for damage. Press the button below to start the insurance claim.

Provider of rent rental protection service

Lainappi Oy
Sammonkatu 37, 33540 Tampere
+35850 5523 228
Business ID


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