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The Renter

What can I rent?

You can rent any items that you find in the Lainappi-app. The item owner has the right to accept or reject any rental request. By completing your profile (picture, address and biography) you can increase trust and improve your chances of getting the item you want to rent.

Follow the instructions below to get started.

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You may search for rental items on the front page of the app, which can be found by pressing the home button.

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Advanced Search

You may search for rental items by keyword, category, location, distance and price.

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Rental offer

In order to be able to rent, you must first add your payment information to the Lainappi. Click " Saved Cards " on the profile page to add your payment information.

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When searching for items, we recommend taking into account the location of the goods to be rented, the dates of the rental and the delivery methods.

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Start of rental

By pressing the rent button from the top right corner, you can select the duration of the rent and then start a conversation with the other party. This is the first step in the rental process and does not commit you to anything.

Chat & rental process

When the chat opens, you can choose whether to pay the rental or cancel it. When you press "Cancel" the rental will be canceled immediately without charges. When you press "Pay X €", cancellation is no longer possible.

When both parties accept the details of the rental in the chat, the your payment will automatically be processed one hour before the starting time of the rent. Until this, the rental can still be canceled from the "Cancel" button.

See the exact details of the rental process

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End of rent & Review

Lainappi reminds users by push notifications one hour before the end of the rent. After the returnal has been finished, users are encouraged to leave a review of the completed rental. By both parties reviewing each other, it increases awareness and trust between other users and subsequent renters.

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