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Terms of rental protection service

Lainappi - Terms of Rental protection service

TERMS LAST UPDATED 30.9.2023. Below are the major recent changes:

  • We have stopped the insurance that previously worked in the service (the insurance maintained by the insurance company Omocom) and replaced it with the rental protection service that works as an additional service in Lainappi from October 1, 2023. The Rental protection service is not an insurance, and it is also not covered by the Insurance Act. Its purpose is to be an additional service and to provide provide for rentals, but it cannot be compared to insurance provided by an insurance company, and Lainappi does not act as an insurance company.

  • Compensation from Rental protection service is processed on a case-by-case basis, however, the maximum compensation is limited to 300 euros

  • All vehicles registered for road traffic and e-vehicles, including trailers and trailers, are not covered by rental insurance

  • Theft or damage must be reported to Lainap within 30 days of the end of the rental

From 01.10.2023, the conditions below apply:


Lainappi Oy ("Service Provider") offers a rental Rental protection service. The Rental protection service is not an insurance, and it is also not covered by the Insurance Act. Its purpose is to be an additional service and to provide provide for rentals, but it cannot be compared to insurance provided by an insurance company, and Lainappi does not act as an insurance company.

These rental protection service terms and conditions apply to the customer ("Rentee" or "Renter") who has entered into a lease agreement for the property in the service of a provider of peer-to-peer rental services  with the property owner ("Lessor" or "Beneficiary"). Among the parties to the leases,  in these terms and conditions of rental protection together the term "Group".

The damage caused to the rented property will be compensated to the Lessor primarily  from the renter's own insurance.

This rental cover replaces property rented in accordance with these terms  damage to the lessor's deductible or other damage in these  sudden and unforeseeable damage defined in the rental protection service conditions, caused by the rented  the property's own insurance does not cover and for which the Renter would be with the Renter  responsible to the Lessor based on the lease agreement he has entered into.

1. To whom the rental protection service applies



Rental protection service is only valid,  if the renter and the Beneficiary comply with the Service Provider's terms of use and make the rent payment in the Lainappi service.

2. When is Rental protection service valid 

Rental protection service covers damages and usurpations that occur during the rental period (rental period).  Rental protection service is valid for the rental period, if the service fee has been paid within the service. Rental protection service is valid  maximum 30 days of the end of the rental.  

2.1 Continuation of Rental protection service

Rental protection service cannot be extended.  

2.2 Termination of Rental protection service

The lessor can terminate the Rental protection service at any time by notifying Lainappi Oy electronically or in writing.

3. Where Rental protection service is valid 

Rental protection service is valid for damages to rented property in Finland. 

4. What does Rental protection service cover 

Rental protection service covers the property and its equipment as follows: 

4.1 Deductible  

In cases where damage, loss or theft of property belongs to other rented  to the compensation scope of property insurance coverage (for example, home, business or vehicle insurance),  the insurance covers the property insurance less the Beneficiary's insurance compensation  deductible up to three hundred  up to (300) euros. 

4.2 Sudden and unforeseeable damages 

If the rented property is not covered by the Lessor's insurance under section 4.1 Liability  in accordance, the insurance covers theft of property in accordance with these Rental protection service conditions,  due to loss or other sudden and unpredictable damage  damage up to a maximum of three hundred (300) euros.  

Compensation cannot be paid from the Rental protection service, and section 4.1. Deductible that section 4.2 Sudden and  unforeseeable damages based on the same damage event.  

4.2.1 Property excluded from sudden and unpredictable damage.

The list is not exhaustive, and other goods that are not listed in this list can be considered on a case-by-case basis to either be included in the scope of rental Rental protection service or excluded from the scope of Rental protection service. Rental protection service does not cover the following property:

• Motor boat 

• Sailboat 

• Jet ski 

• All vehicles registered for road traffic and e-vehicles including trailers and trailers

• Aircraft including drones 

• All motorized vehicles

• Weapons and weapon parts  

• Jewelry, genuine pearls, precious stones and watches  

• Already damaged property 

• Live animals 

• Tobacco and alcohol 

• Cash and securities 

• Antiques

5. What the Rental protection service does not cover  

5.1 War, terrorism and riot  

Compensation is not paid for damage the occurrence or extent of which is directly or  indirectly from war, war-like event, civil war, revolution,  of insurrection, riot, terrorism, sabotage or those who seized power without authorization  of or related to the activities.  

5.2 Scratches, wear and tear and damage caused by slowly developing events

Compensation is not paid for damages that arise or are the result of 

• change due to age 

• change in color or shape 

• from rubbing 

• wear and tear

• from mold 

• from the coating 

• insufficient maintenance or treatment 

• other damages that do not affect the operation of the property, such as superficial  from scratches and dents 

5.3 Consumables and natural wear 

Rental protection service does not replace  

• damages concerning consumables or consumable tools 

• natural wear and tear due to use or aging 

However, this limitation does not apply to fire damage or if the Beneficiary or  The policyholder can prove that the damage was caused by a sudden and unexpected  for an external reason, regardless of whether the property has been in use.  

5.4 Force majeure  

Lainappi Oy (Service Provider) is not responsible for any loss that may arise if the damage report,  payment of compensation or restoration of damaged property is delayed  for the following reasons 

• war, war-like event, civil war, revolution, rebellion or riot 

• labor market dispute - also applies if the insurance issuer has undertaken  industrial action or is subject to them 

• confiscation or nationalization  

•a force majeure such as a natural disaster

• confiscation, destruction or damage to property by the government or  by order of the authority.  

5.5 Supplier's guarantee 

The Rental protection service does not apply to such property defects for which the supplier or other party is  responsible based on a special law, guarantee or other similar commitment. Compensation  can, however, be performed if the Service Provider or the beneficiary can demonstrate that  the responsible person or his home insurance will not compensate or pay for the damage. 

5.6 Liability to third parties 

Renter's Rental protection service does not apply to liability that the renter of the rented property or the rented  the other possible user of the property has towards third parties.  

6. Duty of care  

The Renter and the Renter must, as far as possible, prevent damages  birth.

During transport, the property must be packed and protected in such a way that the risk of damage is minimized  small.

The vehicle or trailer must be locked and the windows, doors and other  the entrances must be locked. Property must be separately locked when stored  the so-called in common areas to which, for example, residents of the housing association have access.  

Jewelry or other valuable or theft-prone items must not be left visible in the vehicle or trailer  objects, unless they are there in a separately locked space.  

The keys are not left or hidden near the vehicle or trailer or their storage facilities.  

The keys must not be marked with a name and address that could reveal the property to the finder of the key  location.  

The lock must be replaced or re-serialized immediately if the key has been tampered with by outsiders  in possession.  

To prevent damage from theft, keys must not be stored in plain view or in such an unlocked  in a place where the outsider knows in advance or can assume the keys are. 

7. Notification of damage 

The damage must be reported to Lainappi Oy as soon as you become aware of the damage. The announcement is made  Through the service provider's application or notice on its website. If you have  questions, please contact us by email at

In case of damage, you must provide  

• completed damage notification form

• a copy of the criminal report in case of theft or other crime 

• a copy of the receipt or other purchase document 

• a copy of the primary property insurance company's compensation decision 

7.1 This is how damage is compensated 

After you have reported the damage to Lainappi Oy, Lainappi Oy decides how to compensate for the damage. The damage can be compensated by repairing the property, replacing the property with similar property or monetary compensation. If it is decided to repair, Lainappi Oy has the right to decide  about the repair method.  

If Lainappi Oy has agreed that the damage will be compensated by repair, contact us for a reliable  to the repair shop you are looking at and request a price quote for Lainappi Oy's approval. At Lainappi Oy  then has the right to decide where the property is repaired or where it is purchased. As the owner of the property, you must, with Lainap's consent, order a repair and accept the work done or complain about it.

For small procedures, such as self-performed repairs, washing textiles and small painting jobs, compensation can be paid as self-made work. Own work means  material costs and fixed costs for time spent on work.  

In connection with the repair, it is primarily necessary to choose used parts. If the market does not have  available used part at the time of compensation, you can receive as compensation an amount which  the part used would probably have paid.  

If the goods are not repaired, Lainappi Oy considers the difference between the market value before the damage and the market value after the damage to be a loss, i.e. a decrease in value. At market value Lainappi  means what it would cost to buy a similar property in the same condition as the damaged property, or if not available for purchase, what it would likely have cost if it  would have been available for purchase. 

If you do not follow Lainappi Oy's instructions presented above, Lainappi's liability is limited to the costs that would have been incurred if the instructions had been followed. 

8. Rules for damage assessment  

8.1 Age reductions

Damage or loss of property is valued at the amount that the property  restoration costs, taking into account its fair value. Fair value means  the value of the property, taking into account the age and condition of the property at the time of the damage. 

The property is assessed according to the table below. Lainappi Oy bases its assessment on what it would cost to buy a similar property in a normal transaction, if the property were available for purchase or what it would probably have cost. Lainappi Oy makes deductions from this price due to age, wear and tear, model changes and/or other circumstances. Age reduction  is taken into account in Lainappi Oy: compensation obligation.

For objects that are not listed in the table or if the valuation according to the table comes  unreasonable, the value of the property is determined using available appraisal tools such as marketplaces and item appraisal services. 

8.2 Participation in handling the damage 

You must contribute as much as possible to the fact that the damage event  can be resolved as soon as possible. In particular, you must provide those statements and  information that may be relevant to the processing of the claim. You must especially answer the questions asked by the claims handler. If the Service Provider  damage is caused  due to your non-participation, your compensation will be reduced according to what can be considered reasonable under the circumstances. Lainappi Oy always has the right to take over the compensated property. If you get back property for which you have received compensation, you must immediately return it to Lainappi Oy. 

8.3 Validity of Rental protection service 

Rental protection servicee is not valid if you have intentionally caused the damage or worsened the consequences of the damage. If, on the other hand, you have caused the damage or worsened the consequences of the damage with gross negligence, the compensation can be reduced. The same applies if you have acted or omitted to act knowing that there is a significant risk of damage. 

8.4 Incorrect information in connection with the damage  

If you or someone else seeking compensation after an injury has willfully or maliciously  has fraudulently reported, concealed or hidden something relevant to the assessment of the right to compensation in accordance with the terms of this contract due to negligence, the compensation may be reduced or it may not be paid at all.  

8.5 Inspection of damages  

Lainappi Oy has the right to inspect the damage, so we ask you to keep  property until the damage is resolved. 

9. Expiration period 

For Rental protection service compensation, theft, damage or other events covered by Rental protection service must be reported to Lainappi Oy, and the damage report must be made no later than thirty (30) days after the end of the rental. Otherwise, the right to compensation will be lost.  

10. Right of recourse 

From the moment Lainappi Oy has paid the compensation, your right to claim compensation for the same subject ends. 

11. Service provider

Lainappi Oy

Sammonkatu 37, 33540 Tampere


+35850 5523 228




12. Insurance Contracts Act

The Rental protection service does not apply to insurance contracts act. Rental protection service is a service maintained by Lainappi Oy, which compensates the customer for damage or theft in accordance with the terms of Rental protection service.

14. If you are dissatisfied with the compensation solution 

If you are not satisfied with the decision made in your case, you can always request the decision to be reconsidered by contacting Lainappi to resolve any possible misunderstanding by writing to the address:

Consumer Disputes Board or district court 

If your case has been processed again and you are still not satisfied, you have the option to turn  to the general consumer dispute board, which handles complaints from individuals free of charge. You must apply for an amendment to the decision within three (3) years after you received  written information about our company's decision and the mentioned three-year deadline. 

Consumer Disputes Board 

Hämeentie 3 

PL 306 

00531 Helsinki 

Phone: 029 566 5200 (switch) 



You can apply for a change at the Helsinki District Court. 

15. Glossary - definitions 


Fuels and lubricants, cloths, outer and inner rings, covers, filters, ropes, seals,  belts, chains, stones, tracks, conveyor belts, conveyor plates, wires, roller coverings and others  materials that are intended to be used in a significantly shorter period of time than the property,  for which the material is used. 

Service provider

Lainappi Oy


A person who rents insured property, who receives the rent payment in Lainappi Oy's service. 


A person who has made, sent a rental request and paid the agreed amount in the rental announcement using Lainappi Oy's service. 

Amount of Rental protection service

The amount to which the Beneficiary (Lessor) is entitled in the event of an insurance event. 

Damage report

A form that is drawn up in the event that the beneficiary wants to report damage or theft. An event or events or damages that may entitle you to compensation. 

The season of Rental protection service

The period for which the Rental protection service is valid and for which the Rental protection service payment has been paid. 


Consumable tools 

Dies, knives, crushing tools, drills, pressing and punching tools, shafts and others on the market  existing conventional tools.

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