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Why does Lainappi collect my data?

We collect your data to provide you with services and to fulfill our obligations under the contractual relationship. We cannot fulfill the agreement, such as enabling you to log in to Lainappi-service, maintain our services, provide rental protection, customer service or make customer communications without collecting personal information.


What information does Lainappi collect and from where?

Lainappi collects your basic information when registering. If you interact within the Lainappi service, all information you provide will be collected, except for your payment information. This information is collected through usage of the Lainappi application. Your basic information is also collected on our website in connection with customer support. 

The Lainappi application does not use cookies. Lainappi’s website ( uses cookies and other similar technologies to enable usage and functionality of our website and to help understand how you use our services. 


Who can process my data?

We always collect information primarily for our own use in order to provide our service to you. Our selected partners process information only upon our request and with required documentation and agreements.


How long is my data stored for?

We retain the data for as long as is necessary and in accordance with applicable law. If you delete your account, we will delete your data within seven days after your notification of deletion.


Can I influence the information Lainappi collects?

You always have the right to request and to be informed about how, what for and what personal information is processed. You may read more about our privacy policy by reading the description below:

How do I delete my account?
You always have the right to delete your account (except, when you have a rental in progress). To delete your account follow these  instructions:

1. Select “Me”
2. Scroll down and press “Settings”
3. Select “Delete my account”
4. Press delete
5. You have completed the deletion of your account. We will delete your account within seven days.




Name: Lainappi Oy

Business ID: 3129437-1

Postal address: Sammonkatu 37, 33540 Tampere


Contact details of the Data Protection Officer:

1. Introduction


In this privacy statement, we explain how and why Lainappi Oy (hereinafter also “Lainappi”) collects and processes personal data in connection with the performance of the services provided by Lainappi. We also explain in the privacy statement how you can exercise your privacy rights if you wish.


Lainappi attaches great importance to the privacy of the users of its services. Lainappi is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy as a user of the Services and to complying with applicable personal data processing and data protection laws when using the Services provided by Lainappi, browsing our website or using our application (hereinafter “Lainappi Service” or “Service”).


We encourage you to read this Privacy Statement in its entirety to understand how we use and retain your personal information necessary to provide the Services. If you have any questions regarding Lainappi's data protection statement, customer register or the processing of your personal data, please contact .


2. Personal data and data sources to be processed


The information we collect about your use of the Services is primarily information you provide directly to Lainappi or information generated from your use of the Services.


Lainappi Oy collects personal data in principle in the following contexts:


  • when you register with to Lainappi;

  • when using our application;

  • responding to our customer inquiries;

  • when giving us feedback or otherwise contacting us; mixed

  • when you participate in competitions and sweepstakes.


In addition, to the extent permitted by law, we may combine or supplement your information with information available from other sources as well as information derived from such sources. Such other sources include, for example, public registers. We may also process personal information provided about you by third party service providers.


We collect from you the identifying, identification, user, use and analytical data necessary for the purposes described in section 3 of this privacy statement and other information that is considered personal data under applicable law. Such information includes, but is not limited to:


  • name information;

  • contact information such as address, telephone number, e-mail address;

  • the registration information required for the user account, such as username, nickname, password, and any other unique identifier;

  • other identifying information such as age, gender;

  • customer relationship information such as billing and payment information, customer feedback and contact information, lottery and competition response information;

  • information related to the customer or partnership of the companies' representatives, such as the names and contact details of the representatives;

  • authorizations and consents, such as direct marketing consent and denial of service information;

  • information about the device or connection used, such as browser information, IP address;

  • information provided for surveys and studies;

  • product and order information;

  • purchasing behavior data;

  • location information, if you have given permission to process your location information;

  • other information collected about your use of the Services, such as information about the service used, information about the ads displayed and clicks on the ads, information about the use and browsing of the features of the Services, and other information about your use of our Services, cookie information; mixed

  • information derived from the information collected and the use of the Services, such as profile information based on user characteristics and behavior.


When collecting information, we aim to tell you what information is mandatory and profitable for the conclusion of the contract and which you can provide on a voluntary basis. The purpose of providing voluntary information is to enhance your user and customer experience.

If you connect or log in to Facebook from your user account, Facebook will share with us your personal information such as your profile picture, a sample of your Facebook friends, and your Facebook ID. With regard to visitor information on Lainappi's Facebook pages, Facebook and Lainappi Oy are joint registrars. With respect to visitor data, we only process statistics about the likes and visits to Facebook pages and the visibility of publications, and the data cannot be used to identify an individual user. The collection of statistical data enables the development of the Services in accordance with the prevailing trends.



3. Purposes and legal bases for the processing of personal data


When we process your information, we always strive to ensure that the processing of your information is objectively justified and necessary in relation to the uses and processing grounds described below. Lainappi processes personal data for the following purposes:


  • Delivery of Services: We process your information to provide you with the Services and to fulfill our obligations under the contractual relationship. We cannot fulfill the agreement, such as enabling us to log in to Lainappi’s user account, bill our services, provide customer service or make customer communications without processing personal information. This processing is based on the implementation of the agreement and our legitimate interest.

  • Development of Services and Business: We always strive to provide you with the best possible experience of using our Services. We use the information to analyze, develop and report our services and business. For example, analyzing the use of services, answering queries, and contacting users will help us understand what features are desired for our services, and we can thus improve the usability of services, for example. This treatment is based on our legitimate interest.

  • Marketing, Advertising, and Related Profiling: We use the information for marketing, advertising, and targeting based on user audiences or profiles. In this case, the processing is based on your consent or legitimate interest. You can object to the marketing or withdraw your consent at any time. Advertising targeting is necessary in order for us to maintain ad-funded Services. The processing is based on our legitimate interest.

  • Users’ email address information is used to inform users about usage of the service and matters regarding rental items by email. In addition, user’s Lainappi service account information is used to inform users about usage of the service and matters regarding rental items via push-notifications.

  • Contests and Sweepstakes: We may process your information to conduct a contest or sweepstakes and to draw or select winners. In this case, the processing is based on your consent in connection with participation or our legitimate interest.


  • Prevention and Investigation of Abuse: We may from time to time use information to prevent and investigate abuse. For example, automatically collected log information allows us to monitor and track the actions of a user of an information system. We have a legitimate interest in preventing and investigating abuses of the service and in providing other users with the most reliable service possible for renting goods.


  • Claims processing and legal proceedings: Lainappi may process personal data in connection with legal claims, collection and other legal proceedings. Such measures may relate, for example, to the prevention of fraud and the protection of our information system. In that case, the processing is based on our legitimate interest.

  • Enforcement of Statutory Obligations: We may be required to retain some of your personal information in order to comply with accounting or other mandatory laws. We also have to occasionally disclose information to authorities such as blood authorities or the police. In this case, the processing is based on compliance with a legal obligation.


To the extent that processing is based on our legitimate interest, we believe that you can expect processing based on your relationship with Lainappi, and your fundamental rights and freedoms will not override our legitimate interest in the above processing situations. For example, when we process your personal information based on our legitimate interests, we provide you with easy ways to opt out of our marketing communications. We also strive to minimize the processing of personally identifiable information where possible, and information, for example, typically uses information that does not personally identify you.


Some parts of the Lainappi service may ask for your consent to the processing of personal data. In such a case, you may revoke your express consent at any time.



4. Your rights


We understand that from time to time you may need more information from us about your personal information and how it is processed, or you may wish to update or correct the personal information we process. In order to exercise your rights to the processing of your personal data, we have described your rights in more detail below. Please note that exercising your rights may limit your ability to use our Services.


Right to inspect and gain access to information:

You have the right to receive confirmation from us whether we process personal information about you and, if so, to verify your personal information. You may see certain of your information through your Lainappi user account or by requesting a copy of the personal information we collect from us.


Right to withdraw consent:

If the processing of the data is based on the user's express consent, the user may withdraw his consent at any time. Withdrawal of consent may limit your ability to use our Services. Withdrawal of consent does not affect the lawfulness of the processing of personal data processed before the withdrawal.

Right to rectify and delete data:

If you find that the personal information we process about you is incorrect, you have the right to request the correction of the incorrect information. You can correct or update some of your personal information about you through your Lainappi user account. You may also delete your account and information yourself. You can also ask us to remove your personal information from our systems. We will take action on the request if we have no legitimate reason not to delete the information.


Right to restrict processing:

In certain situations, such as if you question the accuracy of your personal information or have objected to our legitimate interest in processing your personal information, you may have the right to request that we restrict the processing of your information until a solution is found.


Right to object to processing:

In certain situations, such as if you question our legitimate interest in processing your personal information, you may have the right to object to such processing.

Right to transfer data:

If the personal information you provide is automatically processed by agreement or consent, you may, in certain circumstances, have the right to request personal information about you in a machine-readable form for transfer to a third party.


Right to withdraw consent to electronic direct marketing or to prohibit electronic direct marketing:

You have the right to withdraw your consent and prohibit us from using your personal information for direct marketing, market research and profiling for direct marketing purposes by contacting us in accordance with the contact details above, or by using Lainappi features or the opportunity to unsubscribe in direct marketing messages.


Making a complaint:

We always try to resolve any disagreement directly with you. However, if you consider that our processing of personal data is in breach of applicable data protection law, you are entitled to lodge a complaint with the local supervisory authority. In Finland, the local supervisory authority is the Data Protection Commissioner ( ).

To view information in your profile:

In connection with the Lainappi profile, there is a “I” section where you can view the personal information we process. The Me section helps us understand what kind of products and services you are interested in. The section consists of three different areas:

User information

  • When you create your own user account into Lainappi, you provide basic information about yourself, such as your name, gender, age and domicile.


Usage history

  • When you log in to Lainappi with your own information, browse the application, make reservations or leave notifications, your use will be traced back to your usage history. With usage history, you can conveniently track the rental transactions you have made.


Data analysis

  • By combining and analyzing your own data and usage history, we provide you with content that interests you.


If you need help using the Me section, please contact us at the address provided in the privacy statement.


Exercise of rights


You may exercise the above rights by sending an e-mail or letter to the address provided in the Privacy Statement containing the following information necessary for identification, as applicable: the user's full name, company name, address, e-mail address, and telephone number. If necessary, we may request additional information necessary to verify the identity of the user. We reserve the right to charge a reasonable processing fee for requests that are unreasonably frequent, excessive, or manifestly unreasonable. Please note that certain information is also available directly from the Lainappi service.


5. Retention period of personal data


The retention period for certain personal data depends on the nature of the personal data and the need to process it. The maximum storage time may therefore vary from case to case. Personal data shall be kept only for as long as is necessary for the purposes for which the personal data are processed. The information is updated and checked for timeliness at regular intervals. During the inspection, all unnecessary or outdated information will be deleted.


We retain information related to the user information of the Lainappi service for 24 months from the last login. This allows you to easily re-enable the Service and view your information without creating a new user account. Retention of information also allows us to display or send you marketing or advertising based on your profile and to develop our services. Before we close your user account, we will contact you individually. If, despite our contact, you do not log in to your user account or otherwise react to our contact, we will close the user account and minimize the information we process.


After closing a user account, we may retain part of the deleted user account Data to be merged for as long as required by law or we have a legitimate reason to retain the information due to, for example, claims handling, internal reporting, marketing, complaints, misconduct, accounting or other legal obligations.


We will process the information for marketing purposes as long as you have not refused to receive the marketing. If you refuse marketing and there is no other reason to process, we will retain information about the ban and your contact information so that we can ensure compliance with the ban. If you wish, you can request the complete deletion of your information by contacting Lainappi's customer service.


Existing legislation, such as accounting or other mandatory legislation, may oblige the retention of personal data even after the purpose of the processing has ended. In such situations, retention shall be in accordance with the retention periods specified in the applicable legislation.


6. Disclosure of Personal Information


We may disclose your information to third parties if you have agreed to the disclosure of the information (eg to our corporate customers who use the Lainappi rent service and to whom the user wishes to contact through our website). You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time by contacting our customer service.


We may transfer or assign target groups of users of the Services to our selected partners, allowing the partners to use the information to target advertising in the application. The information is in a form that does not personally identify an individual user. Some partners process information, such as cookie identifiers and related profile information, as independent registrars.


Advertising on Facebook can also be targeted by creating an encrypted tag in your browser based on your email address or phone number, which is compared to Facebook’s encrypted tags. This can be used to target advertising on Facebook to Lainappi's customers or to create target groups that resemble Lainappi's customer profiles. We do not receive information about which tags passed to Facebook end up in the final audience and which tags cannot be matched on Facebook. Facebook, on the other hand, does not receive information from us about who is behind the tag.

Lainappi primarily stores your personal information in the European Economic Area. We may transfer or disclose information to third parties outside the EU or the EEA, ensuring an adequate level of protection of personal data, including by agreeing on the confidentiality and processing of personal data as required by law, such as standard contract clauses approved by the European Commission, and otherwise in accordance with data protection law.


We will not share personal information with third parties outside the Lainappi Organization without your express consent unless one of the following circumstances is present, Lainappi service has the right to share personal information with third parties:


Disclosure is necessary for the purposes of the privacy statement

In case of disagreement, theft or damage to items. Assuming that the other party (owner or renter) does not comply to resolve the dispute


We may use external service providers in our business, the services of which require the processing of personal data and thus the transfer of your data to third parties. Only information that is strictly necessary for the use of the services will be provided to the service providers. In these cases, we will take care of appropriate security requirements and, where appropriate, contractual procedures to ensure that your personal information is properly protected and processed in accordance with the requirements of applicable law, our privacy policies and our privacy statement.


To share personal directly to a third party, for example, Lainappi services via the link, the processing of personal data is usually based on the third party's own privacy policy statement and processing principles.


Legal reasons


By law, your personal data may also be disclosed, for example, in accordance with the requirements of the authorities, as required by a court decision and / or based on applicable law, to protect the interests or property or public interest of Lainappi or users, or to ensure security.


7. Protection of personal data


In order to properly protect your personal information, Lainappi is committed to strictly complying with the due diligence and protection obligations imposed by law, as well as good information management practices.


Lainappi and the service providers utilized by Lainappi who participate in the processing of personal data are committed to taking appropriate technical and administrative measures to ensure that your personal data is protected against unauthorized access, use, disclosure, intentional or negligent alteration, destruction, transmission, transfer and any other unlawful processing of personal data. Such means include, but are not limited to, the use of firewalls, encryption technologies, secure equipment facilities, appropriate access control, controlled access and control, the use of encryption technologies, and the careful selection of subcontractors. We also always strive to ensure that we do not process your personal information more extensively than is necessary for the purposes in question.


We also restrict the range of people who process your personal information. Your data will only be processed by persons who have the right to process personal data, such as persons working in customer service and other persons who process the data due to their work duties. We also strive to provide regular guidance on data protection issues to those involved in the processing of personal data.



8. Cookies


We may collect information about a user's terminal device through cookies and other similar technologies, such as the browser's local data warehouse. A cookie is a small text file that a browser stores on a user's terminal. Cookies often contain a unique identifier that allows us to identify and count the browsers that visit our site. Website development cookies are a standard part of every modern website.


Cookies can be used to collect information about, for example, your use of the Services, technical information about your terminal and your IP address, as well as information about other websites you are interested in. Cookies are used to develop Services, personalize services and target marketing and advertising. In applications, the identifier corresponding to the cookies is the mobile identifier. It is used in a similar way to a cookie to develop services and target rental advertising.


If you do not want to receive cookies when using our services, you can change your browser settings. However, please note that if you block the use of cookies, you may not be able to fully use the Services or all of their features.



9. Does the Lainappi handle the location of my terminal?


Some features and functionality of the Services require location. The location information of the user's terminal can be used to provide location-based services, such as displaying location-specific targeted rental advertising. We always ask for your separate consent to locate. You can consent to the use of location information in the settings of the terminal and the application. The settings also allow you to revoke your consent at any time.


Location information is determined using available location methods, such as GPS and WLAN access points and cellular base station locations. The user can withdraw his consent at any time. If you block the collection of location information, you may not be able to fully use the services or all of their features.



10. Changes to this Privacy Statement


We are constantly developing our services and reserve the right to change this privacy statement by notifying us on our Services. Changes can also be based on changes in legislation.


We recommend that you read the contents of this privacy statement regularly. If we materially change this Privacy Statement, we will notify you. In such situations, we may also ask you to approve the changes we have made, if necessary.

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