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Payout account

Stripe is a third-party payment solution that allows you to accept credit card and debit card payments online. It's secure and fast. Lainappi uses Stripe to make transactions easy and safe. Lainappi complies with the EU directives, which means that to make payments between renters, you must verify your identity. Read more about Stipe & Lainappi HERE.

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How to connect your account?

You can create a Stripe account in the Lainappi app. A Stripe account is only created once. You can create a Stripe account in a few minutes by following the instructions below or by watching the short tutorial video.

Instructions below or watch the video

1.1 Type of company:

Answer " Individual / Business Name " if you are not registering as a company. If you are operating as a company, please answer " Company ".

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1.2 Fill in your personal and address information

After filling in the information, press next.

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1.3   Bunisess details: industry and website:

When registering as an individual, you may skip this part. When registering as a company select your company’s industry. 


When registering as an individual, you may skip this part. When registering as a company fill in your company’s website.

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1.4   Verify your identity:

You can choose to take a picture of your driving license, ID card or passport.

After taking a picture, press next and done in the upper left corner. Stripe will then process the information you provide. PLEASE NOTE: It may take few minutes or up to few hours for the information to be processed. Scroll up to refresh your profile page, after which all you have to do is add your bank account number.

In some cases, Stripe wants to verify your address. In these cases, you may take a picture of a document showing your address information. For example, a picture of a general invoice or a bank statement.

You may add your bank account number from your profile. After adding your bank account number, refresh the page and you should see three green ticked circles. If you are having trouble with this contact us.

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Congratulations! You are ready to rent!

More information about Lainappi and Stripe may be found HERE

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