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Rental protection notice

If the item you rent is damaged or stolen​​​​​​​
1. Report the damage or theft to your own insurance company
*Home insurance policies offered by several insurance companies cover potential damage to rented movables. If you don't know whether your insurance company covers the damage, we ask you to first confirm the matter with your insurance company. The renter's insurance usually covers the costs of purchasing a replacement product. However, possible age reductions should be taken into account here.

2. Download and fill out protection protection form
*Each section must be filled in carefully before Lainappi processes the form. Possible screenshots can be added as a separate attachment.

3. Send the completed form to our email  
*The form will be processed by Lainappi and you will receive a compensation decision within two weeks.

Read more about Lainappi's rental protection service conditions HERE

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