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How does it work?

Download Lainappi

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Open the app
Select a language and scroll through the selection

Are you a renter or a owner?

If you are looking for something specific and only need it once or twice you are an excellent renter! If you find a lot of unused items gathering dust in your home and you want to make a little money you are a great owner!

Image by Parker Ulry
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As a renter, you can find a selection of items in the "Home" section of the Lainappi app. Alternatively, you can search for specific items by category or by keyword. Please remember to consider the location of the items and the method of delivery.

As an owner, you can add unlimited rental advertisements from the "+" section of the Lainappi application. When adding a rental offer, we recommend taking good pictures of the item(s) and taking the current season and price into account. As an example, ski equipment may not be rented during the summer.

Image by Clayton Cardinalli
Image by Todd Trapani

What can I rent? 
According to surveys, tools, party wear, sports and leisure accessories are the most popular categories for renting.

You decide what, when and at what price
Renting in Lainappi is independent of opening hours. As an owner you can determine what you want to rent, where you are renting, the price and time for the rental. As a renter you will be able to communicate and negotiate the details of the rental with the owner. 


At the end of the rental, give a review
By providing a review, you will be able to influence the renter’s and owner’s activity in the future. By providing a rating of the completed rental you assist future renters. 

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