Rental terms


Lainappi as a third party does not take responsibility for damaged or broken items during rental. The renter and owner are both entitled to request a rental agreement to be signed regarding the rental item(s). Please note that a rental agreement is NOT required when renting. The users themselves decide whether or not they deem signing a rental agreement necessary. Further details and terms may be agreed upon by signing a rental agreement. A rental agreement may be made by oneself or be downloaded from HERE


  • Owns the rental item themself or has the necessary rights to rent the item

  • Adheres to provide accurate and necessary information in the rental offer

  • Is free to accept or deny the rental request

  • Delivers the rental item(s) in the condition specified in the rental offer

  • Provides the necessary instructions for use if necessary

  • Adheres to agreed terms (such as place and time)

  • Is not liable for any damages resulting from the renter’s use of the rental item(s)

More specific information may be found from Lainappi’s Terms & Conditions


  • Reviews their rental request carefully before sending it

  • Does not give the rental item(s) to others without the owner’s approval

  • Is responsible for any damage to the rental item(s)

  • Handles the rental item(s) carefully and in its proper use to avoid damage

  • In the event of damage, notifies the owner immediately

  • Adheres to agreed terms (such as place and time)

  • Returns the rental item(s) as agreed


More specific information may be found from Lainappi’s Terms & Conditions



Home insurance

If you do not feel the need, or want to use the rental agreement template provided by Lainappi, we recommend that you take a look at your home insurance or other relevant insurances. Some insurance companies may cover damage that has occurred during the rental. If you are not sure if your insurance company covers this, please contact your insurance company.


When you act as an owner you may be covered by home insurance. When you act as a renter your home insurance may cover any damage that occurred during the rental. However, it is important to acknowledge that this may vary depending on the insurance provider. In addition, possible age reductions to items should be taken into account.

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