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What can I rent out?

The Lainappi application can be used to rent any items that do not violate the Lainappi terms & conditions.

The most popular categories among Lainappi are: tools,  sports and leisure equipment,  household and garden equipment,  electronic equipment and party wear.

The season should also be taken into account in each item. For example, in winter, people don’t just mow the lawn.

Mitä voin vuokrata

After creating an account

Before being able to rent your items in Lainappi you must first register a payout account and add your bank account number to receive payments. You may link a payout account from the “Profile” section. The video below shows you how to link a payout account. (Video in ENGLISH:









You may find more detailed instructions on how to link a payout account and why we use Stripe HERE

How do I add a rental offer?

Making a rental offer in Lainappi is easy, you may start adding a rental offer by pressing the “+” button.

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When adding a rental offer

Title, Description & Location

1. Name the item

Name the item as accurately as possible to increase its visibility and make it easier for others to find your rental offer.

2. Describe the item

Describe the main details of the item you are offering. Relevant details depend on the item but good examples are: condition, size, color, delivery method, instructions, and its uses.

3. Add a location

You may choose your location or address where the item is available for pick up. Please note that the location may affect demand. For example, chances are that nobody is going to travel from Tampere to Helsinki to rent a tent. You may change your address for pick up after finishing creating your rental offer. 

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4. Add pictures

By pressing the camera icon you may choose whether to take a picture or to select pictures from your camera roll. You may add one to five pictures to your rental offer. Clear, accurate and visible pictures that show the condition of the rental item(s) increase the chances for a rental request. Pictures may also be added and removed after the rental offer has been posted.



5. Select a category

You may choose 1-2 categories for your rental item(s). It is important to choose a relevant category for your item for the item(s) to be shown in the right category as many users browse or search for items by categories.

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määritä hinta
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7. Select a price

Lastly you may set the price of your rental item(s). You may either set the price hourly, daily or monthly. Condition and competition of the rental item(s) should be considered when setting the price. You may make changes to pricing after adding your rental offer. 

Rental offer has now been published!

Congratulations! Your rental post has now been successfully added to Lainappi. Your post is now visible in the Lainappi app, and its existence costs you nothing. All you have to do now is wait. You can now add another rental post, browse the selection, or close the app if you wish. We recommend that you keep push notifications turned on, in case there is a demand for your items.

Start of rental

When the message conversation opens, you can choose to accept: "Confirm" the rental or "Cancel" it. Please note that if you confirm the rental, you will no longer be able to cancel it in Lainappi. In addition, you must abide by the terms of the lease agreed with the other party. Pressing "Cancel" will cancel the rental free of charge and the message conversation will close.

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Chat & rental process

The rent will be paid one hour before the agreed start date of the rental, if the renter has sent the rental request, paid the rent in the "messages" section and the item owner has accepted the rental request. If these criteria's are not met, the rental will be canceled and the message conversation will close. Both parties will be notified in the chat when the rent is purchased.  It takes about 5 business days to process the payment and delivered to the item owner.

See the details of the rental process HERE!

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End of rent &


Lainappi reminds users by push notifications one hour before the end of the rent. After the returnal has been finished, users are encouraged to leave a review of the completed rental. By both parties reviewing each other, it increases awareness and trust between subsequent renters.

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