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General information

Conditions for using Lainappi

Lainappi is available for anyone to download and can be found in the App Store and Google Play stores. Lainappi can be registered and used by all people aged 18 and over. The conditions for using Lainappi depend on whether the person is renting in or renting out. When a person acts as renting in, they needs to add basic information, address information and payment information to the service. When a person is renting out, they need to add address information, personal information, and an account number.

Where Lainappi works
The Lainappi service operates throughout Finland. However, it is important to note that there is no selection of items for rent throughout Finland. Currently, the most active rental activities are in Helsinki and Tampere.

Rental protection service
The Lainappi service offers its users rental protection for all rented items. The conditions of the service  can be found HERE .

If the Lainappi service detects abuse within the service, the service administrator has the right to block the abuser's account. If the user detects an abuse of the service themselves, they may "Report" the user or contact us .

Removal of an Lainappi account

You always have the right to delete your account (except, when you have a rental in progress). To delete your account follow these  instructions:

1. Select “Me”
2. Scroll down and press “Settings”
3. Select “Delete my account”
4. Press delete
5. You have completed the deletion of your account. We will delete your account within seven days.

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