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Problem situation with the rent

If you can't see the Open Box button, please make sure these things:


1. Make sure you have the latest version of the app downloaded . You can check it in your app store.


2. Make sure you have a working internet connection .


3. Check that you have the card information/the correct card added : Profile → Payment information → look at the last 4 digits of the card, make sure that the card in question is still valid and that online access is allowed .

4. Check the starting rental time! If " Now " is marked as the starting rental period (you can check this by scrolling to the top of the chat). If you have marked the rental period as starting in the future, please wait for the rental start time to begin (the product may still be in use by the previous renter).


5. Make sure that you have successfully completed the payment with additional confirmations in the chat . If you haven't received the additional payment confirmation link to the chat, try refreshing the chat view by scrolling down/up.



b) If not visible, try scrolling down to refresh the chat view


c) If not visible, try scrolling down to refresh the chat view


6. In that unfortunate situation, if even these measures do not solve the issue and the "Open the box" button does not appear, send the rental request again. If a double charge occurs, we will of course return one of the charges to you.

7. If you still can't open the box door despite these measures, send us a message in the chat immediately and we'll come up with a new solution for you together! *We promise to refund this to you*

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