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K-Citymarket Tampere Linnainmaa. Lainappi box can be found in the parking hall next to the elevator.

Adress: K-Citymarket Linnainmaa, Mäentakusenkatu 1, 33580 Tampere

Need help? Instructions for renting HERE

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Kärcher textile washer - Box 1 and 2

The Kärcher Puzzi 8/1c textile washer deep cleans carpets, furniture textiles and car seats easily and quickly at home. The device works on the principle of pressure flushing; the detergent solution is first sprayed onto the surface to be cleaned and then vacuumed away. Thanks to efficient drying, the surface dries quickly to be ready for use and the fillings do not get wet.

Textile washer instructions: FROM HERE

PRICE: 8€/hour or 25€/day


Kärcher steam cleaner - Box 3

The Fiskars QuikFit telescopic arm M is for tasks that require reaching from a height, such as sawing and picking fruit. The stem reaches up to four meters. The tips shown in the picture are included in the rental.

PRICE:  5€/day or 15€/week

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Kärcher Window Washer - Box 4

Battery-operated window washer, including a narrow nozzle for small screens. Also cleans tiles, showcases, tables and other flat and smooth surfaces. Working width, wide nozzle (mm) 280. Window washer packed in a carrying bag.

PRICE:  12€/day

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Fiskars Garden care set - Box 5

The set includes a planting spade, a planting trellis, two pruning shears, hedge shears, clearing shears and a hobbyist's knife.

PRICE:  5€/day or 15€/week

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Fiskars puun kaato setti - Box 6

The set includes a splitting ax M, a 24" arc saw and a scraper.

PRICE:  5€/day or 15€/week

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Frisbee gold discs - Box 11

Two frisbee golf discs.

HINTA: 2€/day or 5€/week


Massage gun - Box 12

Massage gun / hammer. Charger included. Muscle and body care may often be overlooked, but it is really important for recovery and well-being. It is as important as rest and nutrition. Stuck muscles affect blood circulation and can therefore lead to, for example, constant pain in the shoulder area and headaches

PRICE:  6€/day or 15€/week

Fiskars demolition set - Box 13

The set includes a multi-functional demolition tool L and a hammer. NOTE The set does not include saws!

PRICE:  5€/day or 15€/week

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