Box rental terms

By using the Lainappi Box and its items, you accept these rental terms and our TERMS & CONDITIONS . 


  • Checks their rental request carefully before sending it

  • Handles the rental item(s) carefully and in its proper use to avoid damage

  • In the event of damage to the rental item(s) during the rental period, the renter is responsible for compensating the present value of the item(s)

  • Notifies Lainappi immediately if any damage occurs

  • Returns the rented item(s) and all its parts cleaned to the same box

Lainappi box

  • Owns the rental item itself

  • Will provide necessary information in the rental offer

  • Provides instructions for use if necessary

  • Is not liable for any damages resulting from the renter’s use of the rental item(s)

  • Responds to any additional question concerning the rent by phone or email

Please remember to return the item(s) cleaned and at the latest agreed time to avoid additional costs. (If the return of the items is delayed for more than an hour, Lainappi has the right to charge a € 50 delay fee for the rental.)

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