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People moving around Vuores can rent shared electric cargo bikes or a regular electric bike + a child trailer for transportation. The bikes can be rented for periods ranging from one (1) day to two (2) weeks.

The service is provided by the City of Tampere in collaboration with Willari and Lainappi Oy.

Below are examples of using and reserving the bikes:

- Take a longer bike trip with your family - make a reservation for the duration of the trip
- Go shopping or to practice - make a reservation for the time needed
- Try commuting by bike - make a reservation for the workday
- On a whim, get moving - check the availability of bikes in the Lainappi app, and if a bike is free, just go for it


Make a reservation when you need a means of transportation. We hope the bikes cover many kilometers.


Reservation Instructions


You can pick up the bike from Vuores at Vuoreksen Puistokatu 87 after the rental period has begun. The bikes are numbered, and the numbers can be found on the following parts: the charging case, display/computer, bike frame, bike battery, and keychain. Please note that all parts of the bike have the same number.

Below are the instructions for picking up the electric bike:

1. Electric bikes and the trailer are located at the Klaava property, at Vuoreksen Puistokatu 87.

2. The property's external doors are open from 07:00 to 22:00. 

3. A chat window will open in the Lainappi app upon confirmed rental. When you arrive at the property and are at the locker, click the "Open locker" button in the chat. 

4. In the locker, you will find the keychain, computer, and one (1) helmet. The keychain has 4 keys, each with a colored key fob and the bike's number.

- Red = bike frame lock key
- Blue = frame lock chain key
- Blue = charging case key
- Green = bike battery key

*Please note to take the key matching your bike reservation from the locker:

5. Take the keys, bike display/computer, which are numbered according to your reservation, and a bike helmet if needed from the accessory locker. The computer is placed in the holder in the center of the handlebars. You will find the bike battery charged in the charging case, numbered according to your reservation. The bike battery is placed in the rack or frame, depending on the bike model.

6. Familiarize yourself with the bike's user manual by watching the video or reading the instructions on the poster on the wall. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us (Willari, phone: 0413144912 or email: We wish you a safe cycling trip.

7. When parking the bike during the rental period, please lock the bike to a fixed frame stand or indoors and take the computer with you. If you store the bike elsewhere during the rental period, ensure safe battery

charging in a space where you are present. The charging location must have functioning smoke detectors.

8. At the end of the reservation, return the bike to the same place within the rental hours of 07:00-22:00. Remove the battery and set it to charge in the charging cabinet (ensure the green light is on the battery), lock the bike with the frame lock (through the rear wheel and frame) and chain it to the stand on the wall. Return the keys to the Lainappi locker using the app. You can open the locker in the same way as at the start of the rental, by clicking the "Open locker" button in the app's chat.

When heading out on a bike trip, make sure you have the following items with you:

- Keychain with 4 keys
- Bike frame lock, computer, battery
- Helmet. Note that the reservation includes one (1) helmet. Additional helmets can be rented through the Lainappi app, but we recommend using your own helmet!

Instructions for using and returning the electric bike can be found on the property’s wall.

Once your reservation is complete, we will send you a feedback survey and would appreciate your feedback on your experience.

Electric bicycle´s rental terms

The e-bike is handed over to the one who rents the e-bike intact and safe to ride. The Renter takes care of the electric bike back to the rental location in the same condition as it was when the e-bike was picked up. If the bike needs repair service after use, the fault must be reported to Willari  phone. 041 3144912, e-mail:, within working hours mon-fri 9-17 and sat 10-14 call/e-mail, outside of working hours txt/e-mail. 

The Renter undertakes to use the e-bike only in the manner intended for it and in accordance with Finnish traffic rules. The Renter is obliged to take care of the rented e-bike and its accessories and to take special care and caution when riding. The Renter of the e-bike also commits to use the rental e-bike only in the manner intended for it. The bike is always kept locked and attached to a bicycle rack, for example. Removable accessories and a detachable bike display must be included with the renter when the bike is unattended. If the Renter keeps the bike elsewhere during the rental period, e.g. at home, for safety reasons it is best to charge the battery in a supervised manner at the Renter's home, where the Renter is present himself. The charging station must have working fire alarms.The e-bike may not be handed over to a third party unless otherwise agreed. The bike is intended only for an individual use and it´s use for business purposes is prohibited, unless agreed with the owner of the bike.

The Renter is obliged to take care of the safety helmet of persons under 15 years of age. We recommend the use of a helmet for all bike renters.

The Renter is fully liable for compensation if the e-bike is completely lost or destroyed and the lessee has caused the situation:

  • gross negligence

  • serious threat to road safety

  • under the influence of alcohol or other drugs and has contributed to the injury

  • while committing an unlawful act


The e-bike and rented accessories are the responsibility of the renter until the bike is returned to the agreed location. The renter is obliged to replace the broken or lost parts and accessories of the bike in full.

In the event of theft, the Renter is obliged to report the theft immediately to the owner of the e-bike. In the event of a crash, the tenant is obliged to call the police to prepare a crash report. In the event of theft or traffic accident, the tenant must immediately contact the police and Willari, phone. 0413144912, e-mail:, within working hours mon-fri 9-17 and saturday 10-14 call/e-mail, outside of working hours txt/e-mail.


The bike may have a GPS device installed. The owner of the bike has the right to use GPS data for investigative or criminal purposes.

The Renter of the e-bike is responsible for adequate personal insurance against personal injury and accident and rents the bike at his own risk. The bike will be picked up at the location indicated by the renter and returned to the agreed location at the end of the rental period.

The Renter commits to comply with the rental conditions. All rights reserved. *Rental terms have been updated 27/6/2024. 

The Renter is responsible for the bicycle and it´s additional accessories until it is returned to the renting location. Any broken or missing pieces/accessories will need to be replaced completely by the bike´s renter.

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