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The Tesoma Lainappi box can be found inside Tesoma hyvinvointikeskus first floor.

Adress: Tesoman hyvinvointikeskus, Tesomankatu 4, 33310 Tampere

Instructions for renting HERE

By using Lainappi's box and its items, you accept the services 
Privacy policy and TERMS OF USE



Air mattress - Box 1

Bestway® TriTech™ Aerolux air mattress with electric pump.


PRICE: 5€/day or 15€/week


Kärcher tekstile washer - box 3

The Kärcher Puzzi 8/1c textile washer deep cleans carpets, furniture textiles and car seats easily and quickly at home. The device works on the principle of pressure flushing; the detergent solution is first sprayed onto the surface to be cleaned and then vacuumed away. Thanks to efficient drying, the surface dries quickly to be ready for use and the fillings do not get wet.

Instructions: HERE


PRICE: 8€/hour or 25€/day


Suitcase - Box 4

Feru pyramid Peak 2 is a handy suitcase that is well suited for short and long trips!

Dimensions: 56 x 37 x 20cm
Weight: 2.36kg

Four wheels that turn 360 degrees

PRICE5€/day or 15€/week


Drill - Box 8

​Ryobi R18DD Cordless drill/screwdriver for small and large jobs. Stepless speed enables precise drilling and screwdriving. Change of direction.

- The two-speed gearbox
- Led light
- Battery & charger
- Drill bits and tip set

PRICE: 3€/hour or 9€/day


Basketball - Box 10

​Popular Spalding rubber basket for outdoor and indoor use in classic orange color. A good ball for summer yard games. Size 7. Pump included.

PRICE: 2€/day


Kärcher steam washer - Box 11

The Karcher SC 2 EasyFix steam cleaner is an entry-level model that offers efficient steam cleaning. Perform different tasks with the two-stage steam control, which allows you to adjust the steam intensity according to the surface and dirtiness.

The package includes:
-EasyFix universal cleaning cloth
-Microfiber cover for the hand nozzle
- Precision nozzle
-Hand nozzle
-Small round brush
-EasyFix floor nozzle
- Extension arm (2 x 0.5 m)

PRICE: 12€/day


Football - Box 12

Adidas uniforia club is a ball with the European Championship design! Durable training ball in cheerful yellow. The elegant design is a symbol of football's boundless joy and it honors all twelve host cities of the games. Size 5. Pump included.​

PRICE: 2€/day


Massage Gun - Box 14

The KARHU Blackline muscle hammer is a very effective aid for muscle pain and for the treatment of various neck, back and limb tension conditions. The muscle maintenance hammer relaxes muscles and speeds up recovery. A product preferred by professional athletes, physiotherapists and chiropractors. ​

  • Six massage heads

  • Works wirelessly

  • Rechargeable 12 V lithium battery 1500 mAh

  • Adjustable speed 1200-3300 RPM

  • Use time: 2

  • Product weight: 1100 g

  • Product dimensions; 23.5 x 23 x 6.5 cm

PRICE: 6€/day or 15€/week


Mölkky - Box 15

A fun throwing game suitable for the whole family. In the game, you collect points by knocking down wooden pins with a throwing stick. The game requires luck, skill and tactics.


Each player throws one throw in one round. For each fallen pin, you get the number of points indicated by the number of the pin. If more than one pin is knocked down, the score is determined by the number of pins knocked down (not by the numbers on the pins). The player who gets exactly 50 points first wins the game. If the player gets more than 50 points, his score is reduced to 25 points. The game equipment is in a handy wooden box with rope handles.

Includes 12 numbered pins, baton and rules. The game requires at least 2 players.

PRICE: 2€/day or 8€/week


Multifunctional tool - Box 16

A multifunctional device with many possible uses. With the help of the multifunction device and the accompanying accessories, you can saw, cut and grind different materials.The Bosch PMF 220 CE multi-tool makes it easier to do various work projects and renovations, because you can use it in many different work steps. Well suited for sawing moldings, making holes in table tops, milling tile joints, removing glue joints and much more. Also suitable for grinding. By using different accessories, the device can be used for processing wood, laminate, plywood and plasterboard.The device has a stepless speed of 15,000-20,000 rpm and a soft start. You can also select stepless oscillating RPM to adjust the speed to suit the material. Bosch Constant Electronic guarantees constant speed even under load. The power does not decrease even in heavier work and is maintained even when using different accessories.

PRICE: 6€/day or 15€/week


Petanque - Box 17

In the petanque game - i.e. petanque in Finnish terms - you compete alone or in teams of 2-3 people. The goal is to succeed in throwing as many of your own or the team's balls as possible to the nearest small wooden target ball, or "snad". Each ball that the team gets closer to the snad than the best placed balls of its competitors gives one point.

Tactics are also part of petanque. You may try to hit the competitor's ball farther from the snad. Balls are thrown alternately, but the player or team in the lead can always spare their balls, others have a turn to throw. This gives the leader a significant advantage in the final laps.

The Future TT Sport petanque set has 6 metal balls, a wooden goal ball, a measuring string and petanque rules. The set is packed in a strong canvas bag.

PRICE: 2€/day


Frisbee golf discs - Box 19

Three frisbee gold discs.

PRICE: 2€/day

fresbee gold kiekot.jpeg

Backpack- Box 21

The Halti - Taiga 58 tank top is flexible and comfortable, with an anatomically shaped back panel and a padded hip belt. Frame structure and efficiently ventilated back. Capacity: 58 l. The Taiga 58 rucksack has plenty of storage space, and is suitable for weekend trips in nature or in the city.The chest has an anatomical carrying system that is easy to adjust to fit. The anatomically shaped back panel is effectively ventilated and comfortable, and the frame system distributes the weight evenly and balanced.


Product information:

Weight: 1.8 kg– Volume: 58 l– Maximum load: 20 kg


Other details:

Body structure– Strong YKK zipper– Adjustable carrying system– Two main compartments– Opening at the top– Opening at the bottom– Compression straps– Carrying handle– Padded and adjustable hip belt– Chest strap– Drink system ready– The upper part has outer and inner pockets– Mesh material side pockets– Mesh pockets in the hip belt

PRICE: 7€/day or 21€/week

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