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Item owner

How does Lainappi work?

See the guide how to rent out HERE .


What can I rent?

In Lainappi, you can rent anything that is not prohibited in the Lainappi  terms & conditions. The following categories are popular: tools, sports and leisure supplies, party wear, home and garden supplies.

How do I set up a payment account?

Instructions for setting up a payment account and other information can be found HERE .

Can items also be rented on the website?

Rental is only possible in the mobile app. 

Can I cancel a rental?

When the message conversation opens, you can choose to accept: "Confirm" the rental or "Cancel" it. Please note that if you confirm the rental, you will no longer be able to cancel it. In addition, you must stick to what is agreed with the other party. Pressing "Cancel" will cancel the rental free of charge and the message conversation will close.

Can I cancel an approved and payed rent?
If the rental is approved, cancellation and repayment are not possible with the Lainappi service. The rental parties can agree on a repayment outside the Lainappi service. If this is the case, the Lainappi service is not obliged to refund the service fee for the rental transaction.


Why do you collect personal information?

It is up to the item owner to decide which personal and address information will be made public in their "Rental offer" or in the "About Me" section of the profile.  Lainappi only collects your personal information if you perform any rental activity in the app. This information is secure and will not be disclosed. This increases the security of our service as a rental platform as well as helps us in resolving problems as well as in rental protection matters. Users violate the terms of use of the Lainappi service if they provide false personal information about themselves and agree on matters related to the rental outside the service.


How do I know the right price for item(s)?
The users thmeselves determine the price of his rented items. We recommend that you think about the price of the item in advance, as setting the right price is important so that there is demand for the rented item. Be sure to consider the condition and brand of the item when evaluating the price. You can change the price of the item you rent by editing the rental offer.


How do I get more rental requests?

  • Rent necessary items (pay attention to the season)

  • Good location (Currently most rental activities are in Helsinki and Tampere)

  • Correct price (Compare competitor prices)

  • Be active (keep push notifications on and respond quickly)

  • Complete your profile (profile picture and bio)

  • Add a clear and comprehensive description to your rental offer


What do I do if the item(s) are damaged or stolen?

If anything happens to the rented items during the rental period, we recommend that you contact the other party of the rent  and try to agree on terms. If this is not the desired solution you may file a claim form and rental protection will take care of the matter.

What are my responsibilities?
You can see the responsibilities and obligations of each party HERE .

How do I end a rent?
You may end the rent in the "messages" section. The rental transaction ends automatically when the rental period is over and when both parties mark the items as returned. Once the items have been marked as returned, both parties are asked to leave a review.

Where can I see what I rent?

You can find your own rental advertisements in the Lainappi application under "Profile" -> "My items"

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