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How does Lainappi work?
See the guide how to rent from others HERE .


When is the rent paid?

If the item owner has accepted the rent request, the rent will be paid as soon as the renter has paid the rent in the "messages" section. Please note that if the rent is not paid by the start of the rental, the rental will be canceled automatically and you will need to send a new rental request. Both parties will be notified in the "chats" section after the payment has been completed. It will take about 2-5 business days to process the payment.

What if the other party does not respond to the rental request?

If the other party does not accept the rental request, it will be automatically canceled before the proposed start time. You can also cancel your rental request before doing so if nothing is heard from the other party. It is important that you keep push-notifications turned on so that all Lainappi messages arrive.


Can items also be rented on the website?
Renting is only possible in the mobile app.


Who determines the item prices?
The users renting out determine the price of their items.


Can I cancel my rental?
If you have paid for the rental in the messages section cancellation is no longer possible.


Why do you collect personal information?
The renters can decide for themselves which personal and address information will be made public in their "Rental offer" or in the "About Me" section of the profile.
  Lainappi only collects your personal information if you make any rentals as either party in the application. This information is secure and will not be disclosed. This will increase the security of our service as a rental platform as well as help us in problem solving and rental protection matters.


Users violate the terms of use of the Lainappi service if they provide false personal information about themselves and agree on matters related to the rental outside the service.  More information about the terms of use can be found here .


What do I do if the goods are damaged during the rental?

We recommend that you first contact the other party to the rental and report what happened. The item owner decides whether to make an rental protection claim or not. There are no mandatory costs for the renter for the damage, as Lainappi's service fee includes rental protection service.

What are my responsibilities?
The renters responsibilities can be seen in the Lainappi
 rental terms.

When and how do I return the rented goods?

The time and place must be agreed together. It is important to stick to what has been agreed, as the item owner is entitled to receive payment for the agreed rental period.

How do I end a rental?

The rental transaction ends automatically when the rental period is over and when both parties mark the item as returned and leave a review of the rental. All of these happen in the "messages" section.


Where can I see what I have rented?
As a renter, you can find your own rentals in the Lainappi application under "Profile" and "Rental history".

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