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Not everything

needs to be owned.

In Lainappi you can

take or give items for rent

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Risk-free renting

Rental protection protection is included in every rental that takes place within Lainappi


Did you know

that now you can rent from our
Lainappi box, which can be found in


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Items are meant to be used

Rent items you need from others and rent your own items to others when they are not in use. While benefiting both parties, you also help the environment. Easy, safe and smart!


Our mission ...

Is to promote sharing economy and green economy by encouraging to rent instead of buying. Lainappi offers an easy-to-use and trustworthy service for users.

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People own an infinite amount of items. The majority of these items are used only a few times a year. By renting your own items, everyone has the opportunity to earn extra income. Until now companies have mainly been providing rental items. Companies rent a certain category of items, but it also has a price that is usually more expensive than renting from an individual. 

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Save and rent.
Lainappi makes it easy to rent items from private individuals by offering a mobile app that is always within your reach. Open the Lainappi app and see if there are any items nearby that you are looking for your intended use or if there is a demand for items that you own and that you are not actually using, which you could rent.

Not everything needs to be owned.
Why buy a drill, ski box or tent if you plan to use it only a few times a year? Buying everything may feel nice because owning stuff feels good and the items are always at hand. In reality, the value of an item decreases over time, it lays around collecting dust when not in use and it takes up unnecessary space that could be utilized in other ways.

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Rent for money.
When adding a rental offer, we recommend taking good pictures of the item and taking the current season and price into account. As an example, ski equipment may not be rented during the summer. As the owner you decide what you want to rent and for how much. When renting out you may post up to ten rental offers.

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