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Not everything needs to be owned.

Lainappi enables you to rent household items with a simple app

An everyday facilitator which works as a tool for renting

Free downloadable mobile app for everyone

Choose what you want to rent

Browse the selection without registration

Set your own price

To rent, register via email or social media channels

Save the planet and your wallet, rent!

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Available for download from App Store and Google Play in early 2021


Our mission ...

Is to promote sharing economy and a green economy by encouraging renting instead of buying. Lainappi offers an easy-to-use and trustworthy service for users.


Do you have rarely used items in your home?

Did you know that you can soon easily and securely rent your household items to other users. As the renter, you decide to whom, when and at what price you rent your items. Active renting helps people avoid buying rarely used items, save the planet and make a little extra income. An active user is a happy renter!

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