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Lainappi and the city of Tampere promoting the sharing economy ♻️🤝🏻🏙️

In the Tampere region, another step is being taken towards a sustainable future as Lainappi and the City of Tampere start their collaboration. The partnership with the City of Tampere is a significant step towards a more environmentally friendly city. Together, we aim to promote the sharing economy, the communal use of goods, and sustainable development by introducing self-service Lainappi lockers for public use by Tampere residents. The service is part of the City of Tampere's Carbon Neutral Actions development program. The new lockers will be placed in Vuores, the Tesoma Wellbeing Center, and Linnainmaa's Citymarket.

What exactly are these Lainappi lockers? 🟩

Lainappi lockers are an innovative solution for renting and sharing goods. They operate on a self-service basis, enabling the convenient and quick rental of various items using a mobile application. The lockers and the rental process aim to reduce the purchase of new items and maximize the usage rate of existing ones.

The lockers contain various items such as different types of washers like textile washers, window washers, drills, and tools, as well as various yard games and much more. Check out the rental selection in your area through the Lainappi app! 👀📲

New locations 📍

As a result of the collaboration, three new Lainappi lockers will be available in the Tampere region. The locations have been carefully chosen to serve as many residents as possible.

  1. Vuores: This growing residential area will have its own Lainappi locker, serving families and active residents in particular.

  2. Tesoma Wellbeing Center: This center already offers many services to area residents, and now the Lainappi locker will complement the offerings with shared goods.

  3. Linnainmaa's Citymarket: Citymarket is a popular shopping spot, and the locker will provide an additional service conveniently alongside daily shopping.

How do Lainappi lockers work? 💡

Lainappi lockers are easy to use. Users can rent and return items to the locker on a self-service basis. The process is simple:

  1. Register and reserve: The user registers with the Lainappi service and reserves the desired item.

  2. Pick up from the locker: The user can see in the calendar if the item is available.

  3. Return to the locker: The user returns the item to the locker within the agreed time.

More information and instructions for getting started can be found at:

We are all very excited about this project and how we will together develop services in the Tampere region towards a more sustainable tomorrow and a smarter city! Follow Lainappi and the City of Tampere's announcements on social media to get more information and stay up-to-date with the latest developments. We are happy to help with getting started with the service or with any other questions, so please feel free to reach out if you have any questions. 😊

Have a sunny summer, everyone! ☀️💚

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