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An apartment now has its own Lainappi box! 🏬

This spring, we heard about an interesting project competition. The innovation unit of the City of Helsinki, Forum Virium, told about the project in which four different housing associations were asked to find different solutions promoting the sharing economy, circular economy and mobility.

We saw this as a perfect opportunity to offer the residents of the area easy access to goods so that they would not take up space at home, when you don't have to own everything.

We were selected as the implementer for two housing associations. The Lainappi application is introduced to both, where consumers can rent goods to each other, with a little twist; we will make technical changes and both building societies will also have their own internal groups where residents can rent and talk to each other.

In addition to this, a Lainappi box was brought to another housing association, from which residents can rent items found in the box for a euro for a day. We conduct resident surveys and want to find out which goods the residents want to rent instead of own and we also want to make these goods available to the residents.

At the moment, the box contains e.g.:

- Textile washer

- Steam cleaner

- Window washer

- Air mattress

- A drill

- Multipurpose tool

- Games like Mölkky

If you would be interested in getting a Lainappi box for your housing association or you know who you should talk to about this, let us know and we'll talk more!

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