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Box 17


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2 € / day

In the Petanque game - that is, in Finnish petanque - you compete alone or as teams of 2-3 people. The goal is to succeed in throwing as many of your own or the team's balls as possible to the nearest small wooden goal ball, or “snad”. Each ball that a team has gotten closer to the snad than their competitors ’best-placed balls gives one point.

Tactics are also part of boules. The competitor's ball may be tried to compete farther from the snad. The balls are rolled alternately, but the player or team in charge is always allowed to save their balls, the throwing turn is for the others. This gives the leader a significant advantage in the final rounds.

The Future TT Sport bed set includes 6 metal balls, a wooden paintball, a measuring rope and petanque rules. The set is packed in a strong cloth bag.

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