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Box 14


Rental price
2 € / day

A fun throwing game for the whole family. In the game, points are collected by pouring wooden cones with a throwing stick. The game requires luck, skill and tactics.



Each player throws one roll in one round. For each collapsed beam, you get the number of points indicated by the beam number. If more than one beam falls, the score is determined by the number of fallen beams (not by the numbers in the beams). The winner of the game is the one who gets exactly 50 points first. If a player gets more than 50 points, his score is counted to 25 points. The play equipment is in a handy wooden box with rope handles.


Includes 12 numbered cones, dice and rules. The game requires at least 2 players.


FSC®-labeled, the wood comes from a responsibly managed forest.

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