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Rental price
12 € / day

Kärcher SC 1 is a light and convenient steam cleaner that cleans hard surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom, for example, hygienically, without detergents. Thanks to its small size, the SC 1 is effortless to store and easy to keep within reach for daily cleaning tasks. The SC 1 is quickly ready for use and produces a steady, continuous jet of steam. The steam removes 99.99% of normal bacteria from hard bacteria at home, and it also reaches awkward corners, crevices, and blind spots. Stubborn dirt and grease are easily removed by steam. Among other things, the cleaning of hobs, tiles, tile joints, toaster surfaces, sinks, taps and the hood of the cooker hood is convenient with the help of versatile accessories. The white Premium model is equipped with an extension hose for easy use.

  • Compact handheld steam cleaner

  • A handy tool for cleaning small items and quick maintenance cleaning

  • Quick and easy to set up and effortless to maintain

  • Cleaning is done in an environmentally friendly way without harmful chemicals

  • The steam penetrates into small tiny crevices that are not reached by the rag

  • The high temperature of the efficient steam jet has been studied to remove 99.99% of the bacteria typical at home.


  • Hand nozzle with cleaning cloth

  • Target nozzle

  • Power nozzle

  • Round brush

  • Extension hose

  • Storage bag for equipment

Technical information:

  • Input power 1200 W

  • Tank 0.25 liters

  • Vapor pressure 3 bar

  • Heating time 3 minutes

  • 20m² performance / tank

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