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Box 16


Rental price
6 € / day

A multifunction device with many uses. With the multifunction device and the included accessories, you can saw, cut and grind different materials.

Areas of application
The Bosch PMF 220 CE multifunction tool makes it easy to carry out various work projects and renovations, as you can use it in many different work steps. Suitable for sawing slats, making holes in table tops, milling tile joints, removing glue joints and much more. Also suitable for sanding. Using various accessories, the device can be used for working on wood, laminate, plywood and gypsum boards.

Replacement of supplies
Replacing an accessory is quick and easy with the Starlock accessory bracket. Magnet and universal screw in the bracket. You can quickly switch from one job to another. Convenient when you can't survive a job using just one tool.

Adjustable oscillating speed
The device has a stepless speed of 15,000-20,000 rpm and a soft start. You can also select a stepless oscillating speed to adjust the speed to suit the material.

Standard electronics
Bosch Constant Electronic guarantees a constant speed even under load. The power does not decrease even in heavier work and is maintained even when using various accessories.

Included accessories
The multifunction tool comes with a grinding wheel, sandpaper, bimetallic segment saw blade Ø 85 mm, segment saw blade depth limiter, jigsaw blade, Allen key and bag.

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