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Rental price
7 € / day

Bosch Jigsaw

Note: The jigsaw does not come with a charger or battery!
One battery / charger goes for all Bosch series products. A handy and efficient pendulum jigsaw with good visibility of the sawing area. The four-stage pendulum movement of the jigsaw guarantees fast sawing and easy sawing of patterns.

Easy to use
The compact size and light weight of the jigsaw guarantee excellent controllability and ease of use. Precisely saw all materials. Bosch control electronics and speed control with a power switch make starting and sawing different materials easy. Sturdy and stable foot plate that can be tilted 45 degrees.

Jigsaw with fixed work light
The blowing function and dust extraction connection keep the workspaces clean. Fixed work light. The keyless SDS mount makes changing saw blades quick and easy. Storage space for six saw blades. Bosch's Low Vibration technology reduces vibration, making sawing controlled and stable.

The Bosch Power for All battery can be used with all tools in the series. The Power 4 All series includes tools that can be used for gardening, cleaning and home improvement. The set includes, for example, a drill, jigsaw, circular saw, vacuum cleaner and grass trimmer. One battery runs on all products in the series. If you do not already have a series of products, you will need to purchase an additional battery and charger.


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