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Rental price
12 € / day

The battery-powered window cleaner makes window cleaning easy and fast: Clean, stripless finish and efficient drying without running water. Comes with a narrow nozzle for small screens. The Kärcher window cleaner makes cleaning windows quick, effortless and clean. Efficient drying prevents water from running on the floor and window frames. Using a combination of spray bottle and cloth and a battery-powered window dryer, a bright, clean, striped finish is achieved quickly, saving time and effort. The package also includes a narrow nozzle for small window panes, 1 extra microfiber cloth for dirt stuck to the outside of the windows, and a dirt remover. Lighter weight and a smarter size further enhance comfort.

Technical information:

  • Working width, wide nozzle (mm) 280 + 170

  • Sewage tank volume (ml) 100

  • Battery life (Min.) 25

  • Charging time (Min.) 120

  • Battery type Lithium ion battery

  • Performance / loading Approx. 75 m², ie an average of 25 window surfaces, depending on the size.

  • Voltage (V / Hz) 100 - 240/50 - 60

  • Package size 19 cm x 31 cm x 12 cm

  • Package weight 1.18kg  kkghg


  • Charger

  • Shower bottle with microfiber wiper (Standard)

  • Microfiber cloth for external surfaces

  • Spatula

  • Removable suction nozzle

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