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Lainappi box story continues in Hakaniemi metro station! 🚇

Lainappi box continues at Hakaniemi metro station! 🚇

In cooperation with HKL, Lainappi piloted a self-service rental box at the end of 2021 with the aim of increasing the regional sharing economy. For many, Lainappi has certainly become familiar through the Lainappi box. We ended up implementing this box concept by participating in HKL's innovation competition in the spring of 2021. At the turn of the month, it was confirmed that co-operation with HKL would continue and Lainappi Box would continue to operate at its familiar location at Hakaniemi metro station in Helsinki. The article published by HKL (Kaupunkiliitto Oy) can be found at the end of the blog.

The box's hit products have been a textile washer, a steam washer and a drill. Through the Lainappi box, you can rent a washer as a self-service to easily clean the sofa, various fabric upholstery and carpets, or you can even grab a drill for short-term use.

The supply is not limited to the above, but there are also items for other needs such as restoring muscles after exercise with a muscle hammer or a backpack for a weekend hike. You can check out the current rental items at:

It is really great to note that the sharing economy grew in the Hakaniemi area and that some of the users of the Lainappi box have started peer-to-peer renting with other users as well.

Thanks to everyone who has already rented from the Lainappi box and if you are not familiar with the concept yet, take a look at the site or read more from the links below 👇:

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