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Lainappi's operations are expanding once again! 🤟​😎

Last week, we published the news about the expansion of Lainappi's operations and the opening on social media! The familiar self-service rental Lainappi box from Hakaniemi is now also available in Espoo's Iso Omena, Tampere's Koskikeskus and Kalevan's Prisma. As the newest addition to the box's offering, Fiskars products have been added, e.g. garden and yard care, felling wood and construction tools. Fiskars is also involved in this project as a partner, so Fiskars can also be seen in the look of these new boxes.

With the help of Hakaniemi's customer feedback, we received valuable data from our users about box locations and tips on the best locations. According to the survey respondents, shopping centers and good transport connections were the best locations, so we decided to place these new boxes in shopping centers as well, so that the rental would go smoothly in connection with other grocery shopping.

The size of the boxes was slightly reduced and the selection was condensed a bit, but each new box has 13 doors, where you can rent e.g. most popular products such as textile washer, window washer, steam washer and drill. More detailed information and selections can be found at Now if ever there is a great opportunity to try and use Fiskars top products by renting them from Lainappi.

Thanks again to all our users for using Lainappi and for helping us develop the service continuously! If you feel that the Lainappi box would be perfectly suited to a certain destination, we also welcome tips about these! 💚​

Sunny summer to evereyone! ☀️

Team Lainappi

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