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The benefits of renting everyday items 💰 ♻️ 🙏

Closets and storages are dusting unused items more and more. We all own things with a really low usage rate and items we have only needed a few times. There probably was not a carefully thought out idea at the time of purchasing an item other than the fact that I would go and buy it for an X task or reason. For example a drilling machine would be bought so that one could mount paintings on the wall in their new apartment.

"But I might still need that same drill in the future?" It is true that ownership always becomes cheaper if the utilization rate exceeds a certain limit. However, it does not necessarily make sense to buy an item because of the intended usage, which might not ever occur. However, do not worry if you have a drill, textile washer, steam cleaner, board games, camping or sports equipment, or any other household items lying unused on your shelves or in your storage, because it just means that now is a great time to start renting.

The main fear of renting your own things might be that what if the item breaks or simply renting your own items to "strangers" sounds like an uncomfortable thought. Every rental between users in Lainappi includes insurance, which means that you are always protected against possible damages, should any damage occur during the rental. Of course, everyone decides what to do with their own things, but why not, for example, rent out that drill to someone instead of it gathering dust in your closet unused, especially when rentals are insured?

Here are a few cornerstones on which the renting of different items is based:

Let's use the resources we already have

Our planet has a limited amount of resources that we have at our disposal. Overproduction is growing and it will be a bigger problem every year. Instead of producing something new, we should utilize and share what we already have. Renting or borrowing items has been implemented a lot, for example, among familiar neighbors in the residential area, but why could not it be implemented on a larger scale? Let's put items into more efficient use together!

Renting saves money

Saving money is the most concrete benefit for users. Renting items instead of buying saves money and at the same time avoids expensive initial investments in some cases. For example, the price of a high-quality textile washing machine starts at around 200 euros, while the daily rental price of a textile washing machine varies between around 20-40 euros. Of course, in this example you can also compare the purpose and frequency of use, but in most cases the use of the textile washer is one-time and the overall need for its use is less frequent.

Additional income by renting

Correspondingly, when you save money by renting, renting your own things to others is a great extra income stream. The items should be rented out, because during the time that it could be unused by yourself, it could be earning you additional income. You may freely define the price of the items yourself. If at first it is difficult to figure out a suitable price, you can then take a look at other similar local rental offers and base your own price on them. At best, our users in Lainappi have earned more than 300 euros after a few months of use!

Let's make everyone's daily life easier

When there are a lot of rental offers, everyone benefits. Even though many of us own a lot of stuff, we still face needs for which we do not have an item for. Especially if the purpose of use is one-time, renting is a much more ecological and cost effective-option. The item you need may even be found closer to a retail store where you could buy it. Often, the goods are also more accessible and quicker in your possession, than if they were to be delivered to you post-purchase when shopping online. By creating different hotspots for rental activities in different areas, thus increasing the accessibility of renting, it makes everyday life easier for all of us.

Let's help students find help nearby

Especially during the summer and early autumn, a large number of students often move to completely foreign cities for school and education, often moving out directly from their parents’ house. At this stage, you do not necessarily own everything, such as a vacuum cleaner or a drill, but you would like, for example, to decorate your new home with a few paintings. As you know, the student budget is often restricted, thus buying a new one is not always even an option. Now, if someone living in a completely foreign city would need something for rent, and if you can not borrow this from your classmates or other school communities, it may be challenging to get access to the needed item. The solution to this, of course, is that the area would have already actively participated in renting and sharing items, in which case the solution to the problem could be found nearby.

Exchange students face a similar problem, with the addition of a language barrier challenge. When you move from one country to another, it is often difficult to bring everything from your home country to your temporary study country. In addition to not bringing everything with them, exchange students usually want to experience and do everything possible, because their time is often limited in the country in question, and various activities also make the time pass easily. Not all activities that can be experienced in the country of study are necessarily possible in their home country.

All in all, the sharing economy and sustainable development alternatives are becoming more and more common and are a global trend. Everyone can benefit from the sharing economy, and the more people participate in sharing and renting, the more useful it is for everyone involved. Each of us can, through our own actions, save the globe’s resources and increase the frequency of use of items by sharing what we already have. While helping the environment, you may save money, earn income and participate in supporting sustainable development. Let's promote the sharing economy together! 🤝 🦸‍♂️ 

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