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Pick up


1. Press Pay X € , the reservation will be logged in after payment

2. If you are next to the box and have selected a rental period to start now, click Open box door in the chat. If you have selected a rental period to start later, the Open Box button will appear when the rental period starts. If you are unable to receive the Open box door button please view instructions HERE!

3. take the product and close box



  • The product will be returned to the same place

  • Return the product no later than the agreed return time, the product can also be returned earlier

  • You will be able to open the box from the chat view of the application Open the box again from the button to return the product  

  • Please be close to the box before pressing "open box"

  • Once the product is neatly in the box, close the box

open door button.jpeg
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Change the rental period

Extend a rental period

If the item is not reserved for another person, you can extend the rental period. You can find out / increase the rental time by doing the following: ​​

  1. Open Lainappi

  2. Use the search engine to find the product you have for rent and "Rent" it

  3. From the calendar view, set the rental period to start for the next hour when the current rental is due to end

  4. Pay the rent in a chat (If you were able to pay a new rental request, you can keep the product for a new rental period)

Shorten a rental period

The rental period cannot be shortened, however, you are able to return the rented item at any time within the rental period. Scroll up to " Return " to see how the item will be returned.

Question about the rented item

If you have any problems or questions with the rented item, please feel free to contact us in the app's chat, we will be happy to help. Alternatively, you can also send us a question / feedback from HERE!

Please note that it may take a moment for our response if you send us a message outside our opening hours (Mon-Fri 10: 00-16: 00).


kysymys tuotteest


In the unfortunate situation, if something happens to the rented product during the rental, please contact us. If no misuse is detected, Lainappi's insurance will claim the damage.

Read more about our insurance and insurance terms HERE

Thank you for choosing Lainappi!

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