Quick guide: pick up


1. Press Pay X € , the reservation will be logged in after payment

2.  If you are next to the box and have selected a rental period to start now, click Open box door in the chat. If you have selected a rental period to start later, the Open Box button will appear when the rental period starts.


3. take the product and close box


open door button.jpeg

Quick Guide: return

  • The product is returned to the same place

  • Return the product no later than the agreed return time, the product can also be returned earlier

  • You will be able to open the box from the chat view of the app Open box door  button again to return the item  

  • Please be next to the box before pressing Open box door!

  • Once the item is neatly in the box, close the box

open door button.jpeg

Thank you for choosing Lainappi!

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